Partnership Between Business and Government in the Context of Enhancing the Business Internally Displaced Persons: the Powers of Local Authorities

Legal and economic support business activity internally displaced persons in Ukraine today is a promising direction of development of public-private partnerships. To ensure the revival of cities in Ukraine after the counterterrorist operation only at the expense of state and local budgets is seen especially impossible in view of the economic crisis of the country. Today especially acute issue of attracting investment funds and private capital, the need for entities interested in the feasibility of investing their funds in property objects owned by the state or territorial community of the city, located in the area of ATU . Thus, the updated economic need for a legal framework for cooperation of government, local government and business entities of all forms
of ownership based on a comprehensive system of privileges and guarantees for investors. Economic and legal problems of internally displaced persons received considerable attention from international organizations. Refugee Convention. 1951 Additional Protocol in 1977, the Internal resettlement guidelines developed by Special Representative of the UN Secretary General, and documents United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, in some way instytualizuyut these problems, but the legal framework of Ukraine in the field of entrepreneurship HBO needs further improvement. Partnerships between government, local authorities and the private sector in scientific works investigated E. Libanova, I. Bulyeyev, V. Mamutov, V. Volkov, R. Dzhabrailov and others. At the same time the question of definition of prospects of economic and legal support business activity IDPs from government and business partnership requires further scientific development in order to justify the need to improve Ukraine’s legislation in this area. Law of Ukraine «On Local Government in Ukraine» in terms of empowerment of local authorities in the provision of financial and tax incentives internally displaced persons, citizens of Ukraine to promote entrepreneurship, as well as in helping to restore the housing and receiving compensation for lost property. Based on the foregoing, it is advisable to consider the offer submission to the profile committee of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine on amendments Article 16 «The legal, material and financial basis of local government» Law of Ukraine «On Local Government in Ukraine», the authority to provide financial and tax benefits internally displaced persons-citizens Ukrayny leading business in the territory advice. To raise additional funds for the implementation of the Strategy of Donetsk region and taking into account the low level of revenues to the state budget and the need for rapid removal of social tension in society consider it appropriate to strengthen the development of public-private partnerships. To strengthen the partnership of public authorities and private capital in the economic sphere Donetsk region offer to consider submission to the profile committee of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine on amendments Article 22 «Powers of central executive body that implements the state policy in the field of public-private partnerships «Law of Ukraine» On public-private partnership» (№ 2404-VI of 01.07.2010), the power to grant exemptions to business entities of all forms of property, which are to invest their financial and material resources to the revival of economic and social development of cities Donetsk region.