The issue of defining the group and direct objects of deliberately false reporting crime (Art. 383 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine)

The article is devoted to the problem of defining the group and direct objects of deliberately false reporting crime. The author pays attention to reviewing scientific approaches to constructing the group object of crime foreseen by Art 383 of the Criminal Code whilst defining the general and generic objects of crimes against justice. Considering the critical analysis of advantages and disadvantages of scientific approaches to this issue the author proposes to define the group object for the sort of crimes that include deliberately false reporting crime as social relations, which ensure receiving credible evidences and the establishment of the objective truth. In addition, the suggestions on the system of crimes with the same group object have been outlaid. The direct object of deliberately false reporting crime has been analyzed in detail. Having remarked the polyobject nature of the studied crime, the author focuses on considering the main direct object. On the basis of setting the structure of social relationship protected by Art 383 of the Criminal Code it has been concluded that the main direct object of the considered crime appears to be social relations that ensure the bodies of pre-trial investigation, prosecutor’s office and court receiving credible facts of crimes and evidences along with establishing the objective truth in criminal proceedings. It has been stated that the damage caused to the mentioned social relations is being made by breaking social ties between its subjects due to the external impact of individuals and legal entities that don’t take action in accepting and registering crime reports.