Political and Legal Problems of Counteraction to Corruption in Ukraine

A corruption is permanent companion of state institutes of power. As the social negative phenomenon in society, a corruption existed always, as soon as an administrative office was formed, and was incident to all states in any periods of their development. The concept of the phenomenon a «corruption» will nurse far outside category «bribery». It should be noted that research of problematic issues of different aspects of the corruption phenomena, and also category conceptual framework many famous domestic and foreign scientists, in particular, Ju. Baulin, V. B orisov, V. Garashchuk, V. Golina, N. K uznetsova, O. Lemeshko, V. Lukomskiy, V. Luneev, M. Melnik, A. Mizeriy, A. Mukhataev, E. Nevmerzhitskiy, M K havronyuk, I. C hubenko etc. In spite of obvious actuality of this problem, and in a theory, and in practice there is plenty of open questions, beginning from that, which exist types of corruption displays, that for negative consequences a corruption carries and concluding development
of effective measures of counteraction to the corruption displays taking into account the newest operating of the state conditions. In this article authors put for a purpose to consider political and legal problems in the field of counteraction to the corruption in Ukraine and ways of their overcoming. Serious by a politically corruption an aspect is absence (possibly of some use) of political will for a fight against a corruption. Documentary certificates to it much enough. The special type of corruption is a corruption political, which can be examined from three positions: criminal-legal, motivational and estimating. One of political reasons there is fear of Ukrainian power to purchase the estimation of «authoritarian power» and set hard social legal control above criminal economic activity, corruption and organized crime. Legal problems more frequent all erect to establishment of responsibility for corruption offences, and also rules of passing of government service. The basic sources of corruption: state
financial streams; pockets of citizens and businessmen, which have legitimate and протиправні current necessities and interests realization of which is possible only through those and other decisions of officials. Most laws and other normative acts of the different fields of law (administrative, budgetary, bank et al) straight or mediated assumed (and assume) different corruption risks. Now it is extremely necessary to inculcate anticorruption examination in practice of законотворчої activity. Going out from European principles of forming of the anticorruption system it is possible to offer such ways of alteration from the increase of its efficiency: 1) it is necessary to obtain the legislative decision of question in relation to introduction of financial control after profits and charges of public servants and members of their families. 2) In approvals of the proper laws it is necessary substantially to extend confiscation of property. World experience shows that economic injury of corruption and organized criminal to activity is humane cheap and effective approval of criminal punishment. 3) In situation, which was folded in Ukraine, for the uncompromising fight against the corruption of state public servants, especially higher category it is necessary to set establishment (independent) with the special procedure of setting and retirement of its leader. 4) It is necessary to revise a question about the representative office of civil servants in joint-stock companies with the stake of state capital. 5) It is necessary to put under control passing of civil servants to positions of leaders of business enterprises after their liberation from service.