Concept of information society: Theoretical аnd Legal Approach

The article aims to study on the definition of the Information Society, which was carried out according to certain criteria, based on a classification of concepts for the historical background and the conditions of distribution based on common features of the concept. The concept of information and identified two basic approaches to the disclosure of its contents. The analysis options definition and interpretation of the information society both domestic and foreign scientists. The conclusion is that today most of the world, and especially the leading countries engaged more relevant things than the acceleration of the definition and development of the information society, namely the stabilization of the banking system, the elimination of accumulated
debt, overcome recessions and more. Courtesy of the author’s definition of an information society which is based on their own vision of the position of general theoretical analysis, according to which, it is theoretically improved model of post-industrial society and integral new stage sotsiotehnolohichnoyi evolution of society, namely historical phase of the possible evolution of civilization, which is formed as a result of long-term trends previous socio-economic development that would increase the role of the production of information and knowledge, as well as the formation and use of information resources in all systems of society through the development of information and communication technologies.