The Concept and Features of Justice Bodies of Ukraine as Bodies of Executive Power

Was made the analysis of theoretical principles and legal and administrative of base for understanding the concept in organs of justice of Ukraine, represented by the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine and its regional offices as a permanent, professional and of executive power, that according to the current (mostly administrative) legislation and which endowed state-power management (executive and administrative) authority in Justice and in other related fields and necessary organizational, material and financial means. Bodies of Justice as executive authorities characterized the organizational and functional separateness from other government agencies, resulting it the justice has not only specific administrative powers and of jurisdiction but also its own structural organization, permanent and guaranteed state material and financial security. Determined and considered signs of Justice of Ukraine, the main of which is the implementation and daily operations public administration of justice and other related industries, executive and administrative of management activities; organization and regulation of the activities of Justice of Ukraine predominantly administrative law; a special procedure for the initiation of justice and the appointment of their leaders; organizational and functional independence of justice; independence of the judiciary; subordination and accountability to supreme of organs executive power; placement on a permanent professional basis by public servants; availability of State security necessary organizational, material and financial resources. Management activities of Justice primarily based on the principles binding administrative decisions and acts of justice and officials as well as administrative sanctions according to the current legislation, focusing the management activities to ensure the implementation of law, implementation of decisions and acts of higher state authorities, management and organization of subordinate institutions and agencies. The significance of Justice of Ukraine characterized, which is conditioned by their status and characteristics of both public authorities and executive authorities focus their activities on the rule of law, justice and rights of citizens through the development and implementation of
state policies, state policy in notary organization, Enforcement and providing expert judgment on matters of bankruptcy and state registration of national legislation with EU legislation and other connected matters. It was established that the main (governing) body of system of justice is the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine, which has the status of the main (leading) agency within the system of central executive bodies on both implementation and providing of appropriate public policy. The
territorial Department of Justice have secured legal status of executive authorities, although there are such because of their affiliation to the system of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine and executive and administrative character of their activities on the implementation of relevant government policies at the local level. Substantiated importance of a coherent holistic understanding of the nature of justice as a necessary condition of the systems, which should not only rely the basis of administrative and
legal regulation of the status of Justice of Ukraine, but also appear in their actual organization and activities.