Concept and Types of Crimes against Justice by Criminal Law of Different Countries

The article is devoted to the research of crimes against justice in connection with the analysis of the different countries’ Criminal Laws. Because of this matter, Criminal Codes of these countries were divided into species depending on the legislator’s classification of crimes against justice. The study is demonstrated the existence of differences in the formulation of crimes against justice in various legal forms. At the same time, crimes against justice were identified, which are typical for most countries that were analyzed. In addition, the paper indicates that legislators of different countries are used different titles for these groups of crimes and as a consequence – various objects: 1) the administration of justice; 2) justice. Criminal Laws of different States are protected only objects related with justice. Most typical crimes (offences) against justice are: 1) false reporting of crime, simulation of crime, falsification of evidence; 2) false testimony, perjury, false statements; 3) crimes related to the adoption of illegal decisions; 4) Corruption crimes of persons who administer justice; 5) Threats or violence against participants in the proceedings, and attacks on their property; 6) Obstruction of justice; 7) Escape.