Professional ethics violation as reason for termination of labor relations with state employee

The article is dedicated to one of reasons for termination of labor relations with state employee – professional ethics violation. Professional ethics violation by state employee is offered to consider as amoral offense. The necessity of working out and adoption of rules of professional ethics of state employees is grounded. This will provide the opportunity to group the behavior requirements according to concrete standards, to determine particular correlation between ethical and legal liability for infringement of clear establish rules of behavior, to improve legal liability for inobservance of rules of behavior by employees. At the same time at every state authority the rules of professional ethics should be worked out on base of legal act. As it’s impossible to define and take account of all features of activity of different types of state employees centrally, the issue should be solved at the local level. The proposition of foreseeing of single reason for termination of labor relations with state employees upon an initiative of assignment subject was expressed. The reason shall read as follows: «committal of amoral offense by state employee (professional ethics violation) incompatible with continuation of state service including the actions out of duty».