Strengthening of the role of judicial branch of power as a response to requirements of time

A modern country is impossible without a complicated system of state authorities. Despite variety of purposes of a state, responsibility for their achievement is on a state in general and on each structure of state mechanism. One of such important mechanisms, using which a state performs its functions, is judicial power. That is why the main purpose of the article is to analyse the role of judicial branch of power and to determine its place in the modern system of separation of power. To implement this purpose, the authors used theoretical methods, which allowed to determined that imitation of foreign models of the judicial power is not always correct. Since it is necessary to take into account peculiarities of legal and judicial systems of certain countries. On the level of international treaties and pan-European standards, only general principles to which judicial bodies of each European country should correspond, and tasks and purpose set before the courts in a modern democratic country have been determined. The author notes that in recent decades, state of the European Union have not undergone any serious shocks that could drastically affect the systematic and calm evolution of judicial systems. This gave an opportunity to the EU countries when optimizing the work of their judicial authorities to take into account not only domestic needs but also ensure the possibility of cooperation between courts of different countries. The paper also analyses the issue concerning a choice and responsibility of judges. It has been determined that the system of judge choosing is very imperfect. It has been revealed that judge’s carrier can be terminated upon reaching the retirement age, due to the psychophysical condition of a judge and because of a serious disciplinary act. Also, there is judge impeachment, which is a very complicated procedure with serious guarantees that protect a judge from groundless actions. The paper determines that a procedure of impeachment has been used very rarely and only in relation to federal judges. In continental Europe, usually the age limit is set, after which the judge or other official of the judicial power automatically resigns. Conclusions following this analysis demonstrate strengthening role of judicial power that contributes to law and order