On the issue of legal awareness and legal culture as a precondition of the enlarging of the current amount of the right to arms in Ukraine

Modern legal science opens new perspectives of researching problems of legal system that is the independent branch of general theoretical jurisprudence. Provision of constitutional rights and freedoms of a human and a citizen in its entirety is the difficult process. In particular, there is significant discrepancy between modern legal regulators, legal arrangements and reals state of implementation of cultural rights and freedoms of a human in Ukraine. The problem is still absence of legislative regulation of traffic in arms. That is why the article is devoted to clarifying the role of legal awareness of a person and of legal culture in society in the context of the likely expansion of the current level of the human right to arms in Ukraine. In the writing, social and deterministic system to determine the right of a human (in particular, the right to arms) and dialectic approach were used. The general theoretical approaches to the definition of the terms “legal awareness” and “legal culture” are analysed in the context of legal awareness of persons who are the subjects of the right to arms. The authors have revealed factors that affect the culture of weapon handling, among them are: tradition of family education, educational institutions, sports clubs and others. It has been established that the necessary element to form a high level of arms culture is sufficient development of out-of-school education. Also, the issues on implementation of rights to arms of a human and citizen have been selected. It has been established that examples of the practice of introducing weapons legalisation for selfdefence by countries provide a complete picture of the consequences of such actions for society. The statement that the source of the right to arms of human is not only legislation norms, but also corporate norms and legal custom has been proved. Corporate norms that are source of right to arms have been analysed. The positive influence of such social regulators on raising the level of legal awareness of individuals and legal culture in society in the context of the human right to arms is indicated