The Legal Form of the Public Authority as the Municipal Law Source

Legal form of public authority can be regarded as a source of municipal law, as a result of legislative activity (contract) there is a certain kind of source of municipal law. The unity of content and form of implementation justify the possibility and necessity of interpretation of the concept of «source of law» not only as a form of existence of a norm, but as a process of normalization of public relations at the local level. This approach allows you to define the criteria for the different classifications of sources of municipal law, decisions to isolate and documents, both in the local regulation of a special place, because their appearance is not related to the legal form of the public authorities.Understanding the existence (applying) legal form for state and municipal institutions through the content and form of their activities allows to distinguish the concept of legal activity for these structures. The public authority exercising functions and powers using the legal form of activity as the only possible and necessary means of regulating social relations by legal statutes. Local authorities, as the organizational structure of public education (institute civil society) can carry only naturally social impact on the regulation of its own municipal life. Refusal to authorize the state in any way making bodies and local government officials, giving them their properties of regulations, suggests the possibility of using legal form and municipal structures.