Legal integration: the theoretical aspect

The article analyzes the concept of the notion legal integration. The article determines the meaning and the importance of integration processes in the modern world, their objects and subjects, as well as the main features of this phenomenon. It is formulated that legal integration is a process which is characterized by the duration and graduation of its development. The following stages of the development are defined: origin, formation, period of maturity and stability, transformation. Moreover, it is paid attention to the differentiation of concepts such as g" lobalizatio " n , " legal integratio " n , " unification , " s " ystematization , " r " eception , " i " mplementatio " n . It is determined that legal integration is divided into several levels, a criterion for such a division is a sphere of spreading such a process: the internal and external legal integration are distinguished, both containing their own sublevels. It is analyzed that the purpose of legal integration is the unification of the national legal systems (within the state) into a single geolegal space. This process is complex and consists of several stages defined in the article. It is emphasized that international legal integration is a necessary condition for an effective international cooperation. Its development is caused by the need to regulate interstate relations with the aim of creating and supporting a stable world order and international security