Legal System as an Object of Comparative Legal Research: According to the System’s Theory

The article analyzes the main provisions of the theory of systems for the purpose of their application for disclosure of the nature of the legal system. The author refers to the clarification of the relationship between the legal system and society. System’s theory reveals the characteristics of the legal system such as:
1) the legal system is a complex social system;
2) the relationship between elements of the legal system is natural, but it does not exclude some degree of entropy (uncertainty, disorder);
3) it is ontologically open, it exchanges with the environment that surrounds it;
4) the main operations which determines the features of the system and ensures its integrity is communication between the actors of this system;
5) existence of institutional manifestations ensures stability of relations in time and space;
6) it is not uniform, it is no single center of power which represents all other participants of relations;
7) it is a symbolic system that corresponds to the reality of the society so close that there is virtually inseparable from it;
8) it is associated with a certain space, but space does not necessarily mean a fixed area and not necessarily controlled by the state.