Legal Regulation of Financial Payments Granting to Subjects for Participation in Clinical Trials

The scientific article is devoted to the research of the current state of the legal regulation of financial payments granting to subjects for their clinical trials participation in Ukraine. Its relevance is due to the lack of an established practice of the balance determining between financial stimulation of subjects and the risks of undue inducement or coercion. The main purposes, types and models of such payments are defined. Financial payments problems are connected with concern that subjects can be enticed by the payments and therefore do not properly assess the risks of trials. Legal acts of Ukraine regulate financial payments only for persons who do not have full civil capacity, setting for them a full prohibition of such payments, with the exception of insurance. Therefore, particular attention is paid to the experience of foreign countries in this field. On this base, the author offered to provide in regulatory acts of Ukraine general requirements for financial payments for all categories of subjects and improve
some of the current provisions.