Legal Aspects of the Department State Registrar of State Registration of Rights to Immovable Property in the Context of Administrative Reform in Ukraine

The article investigates the activities of state registrars department of state registration of rights to immovable property, their main powers in the context of reforming the system of state registration of rights to immovable property in Ukraine. The basic requirements to candidates for employment positions state registrar, reviewed the qualification requirements and limitations of the latter, established by the current legislation of Ukraine. The current period of Ukraine due to the need to develop an optimal model of improved governance. Disclaimer totalitarian state building model poses the problem of organization of political and administrative relations on a new democratic basis. This problem is extremely actualization in the first years of independence of Ukraine, and its importance has not diminished to this day. Administrative reform in Ukraine in its implementation can be divided into several areas: the first – the creation of a new legal framework to regulate public administration; second – the formation of new institutions, organizational structures and instruments of government; third – staffing a new system of governance; the fourth – the strengthening and creation of new financial and economic bases of functioning of public administration; fifth – scientific and information support of public administration, the formation mechanisms of scientific information and monitor its operation. It should be noted that the legislation does not provide for the responsibility of state authorities and local governments for failure or untimely submission of information to the state registrar, which in turn leads to violation of terms of consideration of applications and determines the rights and freedoms of man and citizen. Thus, the purpose of administrative reform is the gradual establishment of such a system of governance that will ensure shaping Ukraine as highly, legal European state with high living standards, social stability, culture and democracy, allow it to become an influential member of the international relations. Its purpose is also forming system of the government, which will be close to the needs and demands of people, and the main priority of its activities will be serving the people, national interests. This system of government will be accountable to the people,
transparent, efficient, built with the latest research and development and maintenance costs would be adequate management’s financial and economic condition of the state.