Legal regime of production and use space resources

Today, the guiding principles in the field of extraction and use of space resources are not clearly enshrined in law. In the absence of a legal framework for regulating this activity, there is a need to study concepts related to orbital operations and the appropriation of space resources. The article pays special attention to such problematic issues as: the role of the state, business and the rule of law in space; risks and dangers in the field of space activities in terms of extraction and use of space resources; lack of awareness of citizens about their right to space resources. We aim to promote the doctrinal basis for the development of the state, business and human rights in the field of space activities; to increase the level of efficiency of implementation of international standards, in particular in Ukraine; to strengthen the cooperation of the State Space Agency of Ukraine with the European Space Agency and other space organizations. Today Ukraine is at the initial stage of developing a space strategy plan, and every project aimed at finding solutions to space issues is extremely important. The article will be useful for the post-Soviet countries as well, as today not only in Ukraine there is an acute question of the lack of balance between economic freedom, protection of human rights and state regulation in the field of extraction and use of space resources. The aim of the study is to develop new legal mechanisms that will ensure effective settlement, as well as raising the level of legal awareness of citizens in the field of extraction and use of space resources. In the course of work quantitative methods were used: thematic analysis; data collection and analysis; research of legislation, study of literature (books, articles). The results of the research should be considered to cover problem issues and suggest ways to solve them.

Doi: 10.31359/jnalsu.29(2).2022.216-237