Morality’s principle of state authority: problem statement

The article deals with consideration of basic problems, connected with manifestations of immorality in state authority’s activities of Ukraine. The moral aspect of corruption problems and other prevarications are analyzed. In particular, attention is paid to the analysis of the immoral nature of corruption, which is manifested in its violation of the natural laws of social life. First of all, it is the norms of social justice. Despite its various interpretations in different historical periods justice always implied fair distribution of social wealth among people. Otherwise great distrust, resentment, suspicion, hostility, and other negative phenomena arise in society. These things predispose people to act in a manner that would not be used under fair conditions
of life. We have to admit that these phenomena are characteristic of modern Ukrainian society today. Separately, the author dwells on the issue of moral evaluation of public corruption. The data of the latest public opinion polls, are conducted by Ukrainian Centre for Economic and Political Researches. According to their results, political corruption is perceived Ukrainian society as a given. People mostly exhibit «silent resentment» about corrupt practices and are not active subjects of counteract to this phenomenon. Among other immoral abuse of the author also examines police officers abuse of detainees and prisoners in custody. The article gives examples of such treatment. Including relevant facts are mention established by the European institutions. On such occasions during the mass protests in Ukraine in autumn and winter of this year are dealt with separately. It is pointed out that the commission of immoral politicians and officials indicating a lack of standard of morality of the persons authorized to perform state functions. Indicated that their commissions indicate about insufficient level of morality these officials authorized to state duty’s execution. Focuses on necessity of strengthening the moral requirements to these officials’ and immediate implementations in the political and legal processes of the organization and state power`s implementations in Ukraine legal mechanisms to reliable ensuring of morality as a constitutional moral principle of all state institutions.