Principle of Professionalism as the Basis of Qualified Legal Assistance of Lawyer in Civil Procedure

Project of Law on Amendments to the Law of Ukraine «On the Bar and Lawyer’s activity» and some other legislative acts of Ukraine (concerning the status and guarantees of lawyer’s activity and formation and work of Bar self-government) № 1794-1 from 04.02.2015 proposed amendment, related activities of a lawyer as professional procedural representative. Mentioned project of Law proposed supplement to part 1 article 4 current version of the Law of Ukraine «On the Bar and Lawyer’s activity» principle of professionalism. Considering that not enough elucidation of this principle on the pages of legal literature, arises the necessity to characterize this principle in aspect of lawyer’s activity as professional procedural representatives in civil procedure.
In the article highlights the characteristics of principle of professionalism as the basic principle of lawyer’s activity during legal assistance in the form of procedural representation in civil procedure of Ukraine. Proposed broad and narrow understanding of the principle of professionalism of lawyer’s activity. The elements of professionalism are elucidated by author as the principles of providing qualified legal assistance of a lawyer. Author’s conclusions are based on analysis scientific doctrine and Project of Law № 1794-1 from 04.02.2015.