About the Сoncept of Systematization of Agrarian Legislation

In the article the author analyzes peculiarities of agrarian legislation, investigates its ways of improvement and systematization. The attention is paid to the fact that the peculiarity of agrarian legislation is the absence of a single specialized normative legal act of a codified nature. The author states that this situation necessitates the systematization of agrarian legislation. The concept of codification of agrarian legislation for the solution of this problem is proposed. The author notes that the final stage of systematization of agricultural legislation should be the adoption of a single codified act. In order to carry out this activity, the most effective proposal is to develop the Concept of the State Program for the systematization of agrarian legislation by the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine, which should provide for the stages of the systematization of agrarian legislation, which should be considered as: 1) accounting of agrarian legislation; 2) incorporation of agrarian legislation; 3) adoption of the Law “About Agriculture of Ukraine; 4) adoption of a single codified act, which is analyzed in detail by the author.
As concluded, the codification of agrarian legislation should not be spontaneous. According to the author, the application of such a conceptual approach to the codification of agrarian legislation will promote its improvement and systematization at the appropriate level.