The problem of the nation and national values In the ideology of Marxism

Analysis of the influence of the ideas of Marxism on the national values of the Kazakh people in the Western and Soviet Union were founded by K. Marx and his ideological partner F. Engels. Although the ideas of Marxism were intended to resolve the economic and social contradictions that occurred in Western countries, they belonged to this view. And the communist ideology, formed on the basis of Marxism, bypassed Western culture and radically changed the national values of the Kazakh state within the Soviet Union, the culture of thinking. Identification of the main mistakes in the ideas of Marxism and the consequences of one-sided scientific concepts took place in further development. In this article the author analyzes the Soviet government on the way of creating a formation of communism with the definition of one-sided scientific factors that took place in the ideology of Marxism and the state of Kazakhstan that was part of Soviet Union and its cultural essence. The author proves that the main mistake in the ideology of Marxism is that the problems of national values remain outside the process of society; ideologists turned a blind eye to this problem and as a result, have lost the existing opportunities

Doi: 10.37635/jnalsu.28(3).2021.56-63