The Problemе Issues of the adaptation of the Criminal Procedural Legislation of Ukraine to European Union law

Problem setting. The Association Agreement between the European Union and the European Atomic Energy Community and their Member States, of the one part, and Ukraine, of the other Part, was ratified by the law dated 16.09.2014. It’s hard to overestimate this event for Ukraine because it has created basis for further reformation processes in all spheres of social life that altogether supports statement and acknowledgment of the European values of respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms, democracy and the rule of the law inside the state. A target of research. The above mentioned statement explains the need for research of the problematic issues of adaptation of Ukrainian legislation to the EU law, including criminal
procedural legislation, determination of directions of its adaptation as well as perspectives of criminal procedure science development, that will form the proper theoretical basis for the future legislative amendments. Analysis of reсent researches and publications. The problem of adaptation of criminal procedure legislation of Ukraine with the EU law is quite new, which explains lack of its scientific elaboration. This problem is more fundamentally researched in International Law. In particular, it became the object of research in the works of O .D. Krupchan, V. I. Muravyov, K. B. Pusan, T. M. Sereda, O. M. Syniuk, O. Ya. Tragniuk, I. V. Yakoviuk and others.The paper’s main body. It’s mentioned by the research of the issue of adaptation of the
criminal procedural legislation of Ukraine to the EU legislation that the processes of the European integration of Ukraine implies system of legislative, institutional, organizational measures aimed at harmonization of Ukrainian legislation in the sphere of Ukrainian criminal justice and security to the EU legislation. The new directions of adaptation are determined, the attention is paid on the following kinds of these directions: legal regulation of combatingterrorism, cybercrime and corruption combating; ensuring of witnesses and victims security; elaboration of anti-corruption legislative standards. Conclusions and prospects for development. As a result of research of the issue of adaptation of criminal procedural legislation of Ukraine to the EU legislation the priority directions of the criminal procedural science development, which are aimed at creation of theoretical concept of adaptation of the criminal procedural norms of Ukraine with the EU aquis, are determined.