The promblems and prospects of the development of Ukrainian legal system under conditions of globalization

It is stated in the article that the 21 century is characterized by the further development of the globalization process which is basically an objective phenomenon and has a system nature, i.e. covers all the spheres of the society life. Globalization opens for people the most widespread possibilities and after same time gives rise to problems, the solution of which is main precondition of the existence of civilization, such as ensuring of universal peace and security including terrorism, non-proliferation of mass-destruction weapons, ensuring of world economy functioning, environmental protection etc. It is determined that legal culture is the obligatory condition of waking transformational processes more dynamic and of the formation of legal state and civil society in Ukraine. And such components of legal conscience as language, legal language, language legal conscience and education are also analyzed. Attention is focused on the fact that the question of gender equality remains very complicated and urgent for Ukraine. Gender equality is a component of the general principle of equality as the basic of the democratic system of powers and societies. Besides, the article emphasis that the main soal of the legal policy in modern Ukraine will be the improvement of the legal control of social relations, the core of which is the most comprehensive ensuring of a persons and citizen’s rights and freedoms. The general goal of the legal policy should rely upon such values as life, freedom, justice, security and order and contribute to their incorporation into the legal life of a society. Taking into account the above-mentioned goals the following priorities of the legal policy in Ukraine are determined, namely: the reform of the judicial system, the strengthening of legality, law and order etc. Globalization has a substantial influence on all subsystems of the legal system of the country. Under conditions of globalization the range of complex inter- branch structural formations of legislation has greatly increased, the most typical example of which is social legislation, criminal legislation etc. Besides, under conditions of modern globalization processes new sources of law began to appear, including legal positions of the Constitutional Court of Ukraine, legal custom and
business usage, model legislation etc. It was concluded that in modern Ukraine judicial practice at the legislative level appears obligatory by nature and becomes the legal source. It is determined that the basic of the legal system is ensuring of real rights and freedoms of a man and citizen. Besides, the article has analysed and formulated the definition of such a notion as modernization and also determined the main and trends of legal modernization in our country.