Problems of division into periods of pre-trial investigation

In the article, taking into account the norms of current criminal procedural legislation of Ukraine and positions of general theory of the criminalistics, modern scientific goings to determination of division into periods of pre-trial investigation is considered. The marked problem always confessed actual and impotent, as every stage of investigation determines the own circle of strategic and tactical tasks, facilities of their permission, directions of activity of investigator. At finding out of division into periods of pre-trial investigation it is necessary to go out from that criminal realization has a severe certain underlying structure the stages and stages come forward as elements of that, thus the first are a more volume, include for itself the determined amount of the stages, and that is why they cannot be equated and use as synonyms. Pre-trial investigation confesses as the stage of criminal process and exactly within the limits of this stage it follows to distinguish the certain stages, as signs of successive motion of criminal realization, procedure of assembly of proofs. For today it is possible to distinguish such going near determination of the stages of pre-trial investigation : 1) normative after that the selection of the certain stages is related to the acceptance of corresponding judicial decisions; 2) situation-logical, where a division into periods depends on situations, that arise up specifics of those tasks, that must be untied; 3) mixed, in other words normative and situation-logical, that foreseen combination of the marked approaches and allows to examine its as more compatible. Among the stages of pre-trial investigation it is expedient to distinguish: 1) opening of criminal execution (outgoing stage); 2) beginning of criminal execution (initial stage); 3) continuations of criminal execution (next stage); 4) completions of criminal execution (finishing stage).