Problems of Special Knowledge Usage During Investigation of Serial Sexual and Sadistic Murders

The article is devoted to the problems of the usage of separate types of the special knowledge during investigation of serial rape-murders (sexual and sadistic). Special attention is paid to the different forms of the usage of the special knowledge. The possibilities in realization of forensic medicine and judicial-genetic examinations, worked out psychological portraits (profiles) of unknown criminal, are considered. During the investigation of serial rape-murders (sexual and sadistic) investigators and
prosecutors are turned to the forensic examination of biological objects (biological traces of human origin) that based research DNA methods – forensic genomics examination (genomic forensic medicine examination). Forensic genomics examination – a new type of forensic biology examination related to identification of a person on the basis of special knowledge in the sphere of forensic medicine and criminalistics, molecular biology and human genetics. During the investigation of serial rape-murders the profiling of unknown criminal can be realize with the help of next specialists – psychologists, psychiatrists, criminalists, sexologists, specialists in pathopsychology, etc. (with psychological profile building). The idea of psychological profile (portrait) creation is corresponded with various specialists (and not only psychologists) attraction. On the basis of special knowledge they could provide credible information about offender behavior, his predictable characteristics, crimes locatization and frequency, forecasting of criminal further activities.