Problems of providing of the state sovereignty of Ukraine at the modern stage (constitutional and legal aspect)

The article is devoted to the issues of state sovereignty, rethinking its relationship with the popular and national sovereignty, the elements of the internal aspects of state sovereignty, the main activities of the state to ensure national sovereignty. It is noted that the sovereignty of Ukraine as an independent, democratic, social and legal state is complex, multidimensional and multi-level process that includes such basic activities as to guarantee the stability of the Ukrainian state forms; development of all elements of the legal system of Ukraine, including not only a system of law, but legal relations, legal practice, legal social and individual consciousness etc.; improve the efficiency of the organization and functioning of the state system, not just individual branches and / or public authorities; strengthen economic, cultural, social, political, environmental and security-building state; Positioning Ukraine on foreign and domestic arena as an active entity capable of solving complex tasks at national and global levels, capable of predictable and reliable international cooperation; strengthening democracy Ukrainian state and guarantee the constitutional order of Ukraine; s evolution system of government. The article describes the main tasks of the further democratization of the political and legal regime as the direction of the sovereignty over the modernization of the Constitution of Ukraine. Noteworthy provisions on constitutional and legal mechanism, legal measures and means to improve security of state sovereignty.