Pro-subjective enterprise concept

The article is devoted to the enterprise concept theoretical framework development, which is objectified in both Civil and Economic codes of Ukraine. Thus, named concepts are fundamentally different. In particular, Civil Code of Ukraine recognises enterprise as an object. In the same time Economic code gives a birth to prosubjective enterprise concept. Nevertheless, both legal acts are aimed to regulate economical relationships, which results to doctrinal and practical needs to identify the optimal approach of understanding the nature of enterprise under the current legislation of Ukraine. In order to identify the place of the enterprise in the system of subjects of economic relations, the relevant concept is compared with other subjects of the economic relations (business entity; business organization) and with the intersectoral participant of business relations – a legal entity. Based on the analysis of these concepts, the Authors claimed a non-systematic approach to concept defining under the Economic Code of Ukraine and other shortcomings of legislative techniques in the definition of the enterprise under named act, which resulted in the absence of a clearly constructed system of subjects of economic law. Thus, the establishment of the place of the enterprise in the relevant system seems impractical

Doi: 10.37635/jnalsu.27(3).2020.14-27