Publicly-Legal Regime as a Legal Category: a General Characteristic, Signs and Kinds

Given article is devoted to researching of a question about place and role publicly-legal regime as to a legal category, general-theoretical signs of publicly-legal regime, the characteristic of its kinds. The concept parity publicly-legal regime with adjacent categories have being scanned: managements, the government, a political mode and others. The resulted classification of publicly-legal regime on kinds depending on the right sphere, specificity and features of a legal regime as criterion of division of the right to branches are shined. Following positions became the result of the conducted research: the legal approach to understanding publicly-legal regime within the limits of administrative and constitutional law, the characteristic of classification of kinds of a legal regime, its general characteristic, essence for a science and the right as a whole. In particular, for publicly-legal regime following signs are characteristic: the subject of acceptance of obligatory decisions does not linked with the coordination of the party to which they are addressed; strict coherence of subjects of public law laws when the sphere of their activity is accurately outlined by legal limits; for legal regulation in public sphere it is characteristic obligations which can have character of the
general standard orientation or the concrete instruction; the imperative method of regulation which is a component publicly-legal regime, is often expressed in interdictions any actions and so forth.Besides, in article revals the value of public law and the methods of legal regulation exercised in corresponding sphere of the right reveals an imperative method that provides imposing of corresponding obligations on subjects of public law and interdictions for participants of public relations in relations with the state, state structures and their officials. Publicly-legal regimes devides on: modes of certain state conditions, functional and allowing,and also that will legalise official registration juridical and physical persons, administratively-legal regime protection of the state secret, a frontier regime, and also a specific legal regime of «power-submission» and others. In turn, functional administratively-legal regimes share on: modes, an establishment to activity rules as some kind of service and functioning standards
(rules of granting of services of telephone, cable communication, veterinary, municipal, hotel services etc.), and the modes established or are installed or periodically, or at occurrence of the certain legal facts.