The Role of the Bar in Realization of the Right of the Personality on the Professional Legal Aid

Introduction. The basic law of Ukraine owing to the Constitutional reform regarding justice established the raised guarantees of protection of the rights of the personality. Them treats andprovided by article 59 of the Constitution of Ukraine the right to a professional legal aid. One of the main guarantees of providing this constitutional law of the personality is lawyer activity. Analysis of the last researches and publications. Previous development of this perspective was carried out by domestic scientists of N. M. Bakayanova, O. And. Banchuck, T. V. Varfolomeeva, T. B. Vilchick, S. O. Ivanitskiy, T. V. Omelchenko, O. G. Yanovskaya, and also foreign scientists of Rene David, M. Mollo, K. Stern, D. Garrett, J. Gorrey, V. Bernam, A. Paterson and
others. At the same time, considering importance of this perspective, it is impossible to consider its previous scientific development settled that causes requirement of the new appeal to the matters.
Purpose and research problems. The purpose of the scientific article is definition of a role of the Bar in realization of a constitutional law of the personality on professional legal aid. Statement of the main material of research and the received results. Innovations in the status of the Bar and its place in the mechanism of ensuring the rights and freedoms of the person and the citizen as a result of the Constitutional reform regarding justice from 2016 are analyzed. The concept, signs and contents of the term «the professional legal aid » is considered, comparison with the concept “legal aid” is carried out it. Offers on improvement of a legislative regulation of activity of the bar on rendering of the professional legal aid are formulated.
Conclusions. Revision legislative and bylaws for appropriate fixing and the correct application of concept «a professional legal aid», defining essence of lawyer activity at the present stage is necessary.