The role of forensic science and forensic examination in international cooperation in the investigation of crimes

The application of forensic science and expertise is a necessary prerequisite for the investigation of crimes at the local and national level. Without the use of forensic science and expertise, an investigation within the framework of a criminal process becomes dead and unsubstantiated. But with the globalisation of world processes, the development of technologies, the speed of information transmission, the formation of crime outside the borders of one state and its entry into the international level has become an urgent problem, which has become a challenge in countering such crime and the need to steer forensic science and expertise towards assisting law enforcement activities. A special feature of countering the investigation of crimes was the creation of international cooperation between forensic specialists and expert witnesses even prior to the establishment of practical institutions that could counteract them in practice. Therewith, some representatives of such international unions and associations have taken serious steps in creating mechanisms for real counteraction to crimes at the international level (R.A. Reiss, G. Soderman, M.Sh. Bassiuni). Coverage of the problem of international cooperation in the investigation of crimes through the definition of the role of forensic science and expertise allowed focusing on the following blocks: 1) international associations of forensic specialists for combating crime in the historical context; 2) international criminal police organisations in combating crime; 3) international cooperation in the field of conducting forensic examinations; 4) the use of forensic and special knowledge in the activities of the International Criminal Court. Thus, a combination of theory and practice in the fight against crime is demonstrated. Historically, this is associated with the role of forensic science and expertise in recording traces of crimes, analysing them, and forming legal, forensic, and expert witness opinions. The purpose of the study is to establish the decisive role of forensic science and expertise in international cooperation in the investigation of crimes. For this, the authors turned to forensic science and expertise, historical processes that served to create substantial international organisations created to counter international crime

Doi: 10.37635/jnalsu.28(1).2021.179-186