The role of the legal initiative in the establishment of civil society

The article focuses on an under-studied problem of formation and realization of the legal initiative. The growth of social activity, the participation of civil society actors in political processes, as well as the increase of the role of legal means in regulating social relations significantly update this topic. The main purpose of the work is to determine the role of the legal initiative in the formation of civil society. Drawing on the results of studies on the legal aspects of the formation and establishment of civil society, the authors of the article emphasize the need for a deep analysis of the structure of civil society, the formation of mechanisms for its control of state institutions, as well as the realization of citizens’ rights to proper governance. It was established that the legal initiative must not only be supported at the level of state authorities, but also determine the capability of establishment and formation of a preliminary examination of the proposed solutions involving the public. The authors considered the possibility of structuring the proposed initiative from state authorities, as well as the possibility of developing an initiative on behalf of an individual in an international context