Development of administrative justice in Ukraine and Germany: comparative law aspect

The development of administrative justice in Ukraine contributes to the improvement of protection of rights and freedoms of human and citizen. The scientific works emphasize the necessity of consideration of the national administrative and legal doctrine, state and lawmaking practice, national legislation of modern European and other foreign principles, standards that in their totality and interaction create a solid foundation for the effective protection of rights and freedoms, legal individuals and legal entities, collective entities, the state. Therefore, the main purpose of the paper is to analyses the development of administrative justice in Ukraine and Germany. For this purpose to be achieved, we applied the general scientific principles, methods and means of cognition of the research object. The logical-semantic method allowed to determine the scientific basis for the research of the legal foundations of the organization of administrative justice in Ukraine. The authors describe the concept and purpose of administrative justice in Ukraine and Germany in the matters of protection of violated rights, freedoms and interests of human and citizen by decisions, actions and inaction of the power entities, new procedural legislation of Ukraine, which more effectively facilitate the consideration of administrative proceedings in the court of law, the world models of functioning of administrative justice are considered, the system and structure of the German administrative courts, their specialization, features of consideration of some of the categories of public-law disputes and delimiting of jurisdiction of administrative courts and general courts upon resolving certain categories of cases. It was established that in Germany, institutions of the Grand Senate and the High Senate are created to exclude the possibility of a judicial error. As of Ukraine, currently the system of administrative courts has received more advanced procedural legislation allowing to faster resolve cases of minor complexity