Sergei Ivanovich Zarudny and Judicial reform in 1864

The article investigates participation and contribution of Sergei Ivanovich Zarudny in reforming the judicial system in the middle of the XIX century. Activity of S. I. Zarudny characterized as theoretical lawyer and legal practitioners. Showing
its commitment to use the historical method to determine the essence of law, individual provisions of laws to reduce to general principles of law. It is shown that the work of Sergei Ivanovich in preparation for the reform of the judicial system for over a decade, starting in 1843 at the same time pointed out that it was conducted relatively slowly due to the conservative positions taken by the Ministry of Justice. In 1852 S. I. Zarudny was included in the Commission on drawing up the draft statute of civil proceedings. It had a significant impact on the commission’s work and sought to bring civil proceedings in all possible at the time of innovation. Since 1857, becoming the Assistant Secretary of the State Council, S. I. Zarudny done a lot
for the practical preparation of the draft civil justice reform. It has been shown that as a fierce advocate of judicial reform, S. I. Zarudny avoid extremes when it is carrying out, on the one hand – excessive attraction of foreign experience, and on the
other, – the rational use of our own historical experience. It was emphasized the principled position of S. I. Zarudny in reforming the judicial system, which was in need of fundamental reform of the social structure – namely, the abolition of
serfdom. Shown in detail how in 1861, with the active participation of S. I. Zarudny were presented «Considerations and Substantive provisions on civil and criminal proceedings», which became in fact the concept of judicial reform. Analyzed their basic principles: the separation of the judiciary from the executive and legislative, judicial independence, the independence of the legal profession, the institution of the jury, etc., the implementation of which S. I. Zarudny attached great importance to.
Analyzed both on the basis of these principles have been built legal regulations 1864. The article deals with the final stage of works S. I. Zarudny on judicial reform, namely, ordering extensive preparatory material in «The Case for the transformation of the judiciary in Russia» in 74 volumes. Showing efforts of Sergey Ivanovitch for the simultaneous conduct of judicial establishments across the country.