Areas of Social Control: State-Legal Aspect

The article discusses the scope of public control. The scope of public control represent those areas relations that represent the public interest, but the control must not require a public observer of professional expertise, and compliance or non-compliance of the rights and interests can be identified by simple observation. the author identifies the sphere of public control over the main types of human rights taking into account the major goal of public control over the implementation of public authority, such
as: 1) the political sphere in which public control could be exercised, particularly in areas such as the implementation of legislative powers by the organs of state power and local selfgovernment; implementation of the accessibility of information about activities of state authorities and local self-government; the sphere of implementation of electoral rights, the right to participate in referendums and other forms of direct democracy; management sphere, the control over the implementation of appropriate governance principles; 2) personal sphere of human rights (the public, through the implementation of control over the activities of public authorities can respond to violations of human rights in the sphere of personal data protection, unjustified
restriction of his personal freedom); 3) social services (labour relations and employment, pensions, benefits and assistance). It is also stated that in the public sphere, there are areas objectively «closed» to public control due to different reasons (for example, issues associated with the latest weaponry, foreign intelligence, etc.), that is, the relations regulated by legislation on state secrets related to the interests of the service, etc. However, establishing such limits is not arbitrary. The Public control should be carried out on principles of the feasibility and justification for such restrictions.