To the Issues of Significant Features of the Legal Category «Remuneration of State Servants»

The significant features of the legal category «remuneration of state servants» has been researched in the paper. The conclusion is made that the distinctive features of the remuneration of state servants are the following: (a) the subject to obtain – state servant; b) the subject of conduction – a state represented by its agencies; c) the source of finance – a state budget; d) is paid under the procedure and amounts stated by legislation; e) is paid for service activity of the state servants; f) remunerated in the form of regular financial payment. It’s mentioned that the service activity of the state servants is a practical conduction of tasks and carrying out the functions of state: а) analysis of the state policy on the state, areal and regional levels and preparation of the proposals concerning its creation; b) ensuring of realization of the state policy, conduction of state, areal and regional programs, execution of the law and other normative acts; c) ensuring of delivering of affordable and quality administrative services; d) conduction of state control and control for compliance with legislation; e) management of state finance resources, property and control of its application; f) state agencies personnel; g) realization of other powers of the state agency determined by the legislation.