As for the central place in the system of state social subjects of labor law in Ukraine

The paper considers central to the welfare state are already subjects of labor law in Ukraine. It is concluded that the welfare state is characterized by the ongoing dialogue with the state of man in politics, economics and culture. The basis of the material provisions of which is the development of innovative information technology resulting from scientific and technological progress and are a means of further development of the latter. Innovative development enriches the minds of the population, its social and political interests and demands that promotes change in the functioning of state institutions in various fields. The main priorities of the Social Policy of Ukraine in the workplace include: improvement of labor legislation; improved monitoring and forecasting of the labor market; to balance professional education and labor demand; stimulate economic activity; broad public awareness the public on their employment rights and how to protect them, the benefits of legal employment; creation of a guarantee fund for the protection of employees’ claims in the event of insolvency of the employer; development of human resources; improve the quality of jobs; development mechanism for implementing international agreements on mutual employment and social protection of migrant workers, to which Ukraine is a creation of effective mechanisms legalization of incomes of citizens working abroad; improve the efficiency of supervision and control over compliance with labor laws. Thus the improvement of the legislation is nothing more than the realization of the social functions of the state, to ensure the right of everyone to have a decent life. Further development of the regulatory framework for social development must be based on the following principles:
(a) social justice and equality above all the social rights of all citizens; (b) individual social responsibility – the duty of citizens to perform their best for self-reliance and self-help; (c) social solidarity – the formation of the system of relations in which the whole society meets social difficulties as a single, coherent system; (d) social partnership, respect by all parties of the agreements; (e) social compensation – creating citizens of compensation restrictions caused by their social status; (f) social security, providing for providing citizens with a guaranteed minimum of social services; (g) vicarious support community initiatives in addressing issues of social development.