The Correlation Between the Right on Freedom of Peaceful Assembly and Related Rights

The article describes correlation between the right on freedom of peaceful assembly and other related rights, which guarantee the people’s opportunity to communicate with society and state. In particular, the article shows correlation between the freedom of peaceful assembly and the freedom of association, freedom of expression, and right to petition. Also it shows link among the right to assembly peacefully and the right to rebellion against tyranny and oppression. Within the article different scientific publications of national and foreign authors on the topic have been analyzed. The author expresses his own views on the key features that give the possibility to compare and differentiate these freedoms and rights and also try to show the practical necessity to distinguish freedom of peaceful assembly and related rights.As a result of the research author comes to the conclusion that the realization of the right to freedom of peaceful assembly is an essential condition for exercising the right to rebellion against tyranny and oppression. The other outcome is that the author proves the thesis that the physical presence of the participants of peaceful gathering in public place is one of the important characteristic, which enables to distinguish the right to freedom of assembly from the right to freedom of expression. The author put an emphasis on the fact that the important feature of an assembly is its temporary character, unlike of association that is mainly focused on the constant communication in future. The common and distinctive features of right to peaceful assembly and the right to petition have also been investigated within the article. Certain conclusions of the article are useful not only in theoretical but also in practical law field. For instance, the author reasoning the necessity to consider the right to picketing (by one person) as a form of freedom of expression and therefore to use the article 34 of the Constitution.