Statute of the Territorial Community: the Place and Role in the System of Sources of Municipal Law

The article investigates the question of the legal basis of local self-government in Ukraine. Charter territorial community is a source of municipal law that holds a special place in this industry sources. The paper features are refl ected in this legal act as its social and political signifi cance for the development of the local community. The author analyzes the degree of research problems in the scientifi c literature. It is concluded that scientists mostly pay attention to research on the form and content of the statutes of territorial communities, as well as recommendations for the development and adoption of a municipal practice. Therefore the aim of the article is defi ned as the place and role of the statutes in the system of legal regulation of municipal authorities, as well as value for the development of the legislation of Ukraine. The article is an analysis of the question of the possible and necessary provisions of this document as well as the legal requirements regarding coverage and regulation of certain relationships last. The conclusion of the diversity in form and content in modern municipal statutes reality that most depends on Authors and public comment process. Special attention is paid to the importance of this document for the community because of its potential legal possibilities. Citing examples such documents exist in other countries, distinguishes certain properties that are typical only to this source of municipal law. Introducing standards of the Charter on organization and operation of municipal structures, among other things, possible due to proper use of charters communities. Part of the work is devoted to investigation of the properties within the law constitutional, municipal reform and reform of administrative and territorial division. We have an exclusive character of the statute of the territorial community benefi ts that help solve legal problems existing in the organization of local government. Development Institute charters in the system of legal regulation is seen as a priority legal policy in this area, justifying further research and development of sources of municipal law.