Subjects Financing Activities

The need for fi nance makes absolutely necessary activities to management and, accordingly, the financial activities of the state is its activity on the formation, distribution and use of centralized and decentralized monetary funds in order to exercise the functions of the state, the socioeconomic, management, defense, activities of state bodies. Contents of fi nancial activity is a manifestation of all functions of the state, since the implementation of any public function requires appropriate funding. Depending on the content and nature of state functions such activities are carried out: 1) implementation of the government; 2) executive and executive activity – implementation of public administration. Financial activities, as required of the system of social management, provides guidance in appropriate fi nancial resources economics, management, social services, and therefore it is characterized by certain features:1) as opposed to homogeneous areas of government activity, it is interdisciplinary, generic, since the provision of fi nancial resources aimed at all sectors of the public administration sector control; 2) implement it as public authorities and local governments (in some cases it would implement together); 3) it combines both direct control using imperative techniques (on public enterprises, etc.) and indirect recommendation control (nonmonetary resources on businesses and individuals);4) carry out its activities through a representative and executive bodies. At the same time, fi nancial and legal science still no unanimous approach to identify subjects such activity. Therefore, the author analyzes the different approaches to the defi nition of the subjects of fi nancial activity, determines the range of subjects. Focuses on the special powers of the legislative and executive power in the sphere of fi nancial activity of the state.