Judicial legislation and administrative legal relations: search of interconnection

The article is dedicated to research of the impact of the court decisions on the process of applying the norms of administrative legislation. The author emphasised the importance of determining the newest system of administrative law sources with the aim to formulate the role of court decisions for the dynamics of administrative-legal relations. It is analysed the correlation of such concepts as ''law enforcement'', ''court decision'' and ''judicial legislation''. It is established that complexity of the interconnection between judicial legislation and administrative-legal relations consists in the special impact of the acts of judicial bodies on the public administration functioning. The legal nature of public dispute touches upon the public order in the state, the necessity for proportional correlation of public and private interests, public administration functioning, etc. It is concluded that the efficiency of connection between judicial legislation and administrative legal relations depends on such a phenomenon as a judicial error since under such conditions the relevant impact can have a destructive nature regarding the field of public administration.