World manifest of the human rights being humanism (to the 70-th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of human rights proclamation)

The article is dedicated to Universal Declaration of Human Rights influence upon development of the UN system of human rights international standards and legal instruments of their safeguarding and protection. Main attention is paid to philosophical-conceptual interpretation of the core notion of this document – human rights. There is additionally suggested definition of the mentioned notion, according to which human rights are – certain possibilities of the human, that are necessary for his/her needs of existence and development under the concrete social circumstances, that are determined by the level of societal development and safeguarded by the obligations of other subjects. This definition is based on need-based research approach, that was elaborated by the author starting from the middle of the 1980 of the last century. It is highlighted on the particular influence of the professor Hersch Lauterpacht views concerning first doctrinal draft of the International Bill on Human Rights, that was published by him as early as 1945. It is stated of a modern, much more enriched composition of the mentioned Bill and possibilities of its’ development