Theoretic and practical aspects of protection of the right of ownership in the hereditary relations

The relevance of the subject matter lies in the fact that inheritance is one of the most common grounds for acquiring property by individuals. Considering the fact that the heirs are often relatives of the testator, to avoid disputes between them, the law should contain an effective mechanism for resolving relations between heirs over the redistribution of inheritance or change of the order of inheritance, and a mechanism to protect the rights and interests of heirs in case of disputes. The purpose of this study is to identify gaps and inconsistencies in civil legislation and case law in the study of the main ways to protect the rights of heirs in hereditary relations, and ways to resolve them. It is noted that in the presence of disputes between the heirs, it is not the protection of property rights that is carried out, because the heirs have not yet acquired the right of ownership, but the protection of the right to inheritance, according to which they will be able to acquire ownership of the inherited property. There is a lack of a particular list of ways to protect the rights of heirs in the legislation of Ukraine, which has a negative impact on judicial practice, as they often use inappropriate methods of protection. The study analyses the case law of hereditary disputes and identifies the main mistakes that courts make in resolving such cases. Particular attention is focused on the study of such methods of protection as the recognition of the certificate of inheritance as invalid, the hereditary recognition of the property that belonged to the deceased, but was not part of the inheritance. The study investigates the moment of ownership of the hereditary property of the heirs and a critical analysis of the provisions of Article 1268 of the Civil Code, which determine the moment from which the inheritance belongs to the heir – namely from the moment of opening the inheritance. There is a conflict between the rules of Article 1268 and Article 3 of the Law of Ukraine "On state registration of real rights to immovable property and their encumbrances" in terms of establishing the moment of ownership of immovable property by inheritance

Doi: 10.37635/jnalsu.27(3).2020.95-108