Theoretical and legal basis for the security and defense strategic communications system development

Research of the problem of legal regulation of public relations in the field of strategic communications in the conditions of development of information technologies and dissemination of negative information influences on the person and the society is extremely relevant and demands a complex scientific study. The author aims to analyse the theoretical, historical and legal foundations of the becoming of the strategic communications system of the security and defense sector of Ukraine and the relevant practices of the United States, Great Britain and other EU and NATO Member Sstates. The paper considers the legal grounds of formation and priority directions security and defence strategic communications system development in the conditions of hybrid war and Euro-Atlantic integration of Ukraine, with application of general and special scientific research methods (dialectical, historical, system analysis, etc.). It is concluded that the legal regulation of public relations in this field in Ukraine is in the formation stage, and the special legislation on the development of the national system of strategic communications, organization of management and control and activity of the subjects of this system needs proper elaboration with consideration of practices of NATO Member Countries. According to the results of the research: 1) the key threats to national and international security in the information sphere are worded; 2) the main factors influencing the development of the strategic communications system and the components of the said system (public diplomacy and measures aimed at promoting the state goals; public relations and military relations; information and psychological operations) are identified; 3) the components of the system of management and coordination of activities in the field of strategic communications are specified; 4) the model of construction of the national strategic communications system is proposed, the legal definition of the subjects of this system, their tasks and functions, organization of interaction and international cooperation are provided