Provisional Execution of Public Authority Manager Duties, Institutions, Enterprises: Problems of Improvement of Legislation

The author of the article has researched the problems of legal regulation of using the employment of the acting managers of governmentagencies, institutions and enterprises. It has been proved that long-term usage of employees as above mentioned acting managers,tears down the credibility of these employees in the labor collective, insinuatesuncertaintyin their actionsand generally harms the state interests. The author has provided propositions to improve the relevant national legislation aimed
at optimizing the usage of employment of interim officers. In particular, the author offers to enshrine the six-month term in the legislation for acting heads of local state administrations; to allow the appointment of acting rectors of existing higher educational establishments; and to provide for police officers, who temporarily perform the duties under the vacant position, when another police officer hasn’t obtained the stated position during four month, the police officer performing the duties under the vacant position is considered to be transferred permanently to it with his consent and in case of such consent’s absence the police officer is provided with the previous position.