Commodity securities as an object of civilian relationships

The country’s transition to a market form of organizing social production and the circulation of products caused profound changes in the economy. The formation of joint-stock companies, the transformation of state and municipal enterprises into joint-stock companies, through privatization, are associated with a wide issue and circulation of securities. Therefore, the main purpose of the work is to study the characteristics of commodity-oriented securities as objects of civil legal relations. It was determined that the bill of lading is written out on the form of the established form with the obligatory observance of its details, which identify the scope of rights contained in its text. It has been established that a characteristic feature of a title-deed security is its one-sidedly binding character. It was determined that the bill of lading, as a universal type of security, testifies to the contract of carriage, provides the right to physically delivered goods, is a receipt that confirms the delivery of goods to the carrier