Transport Organizational Contracts

The article is devoted to researching of transport organization contracts. The article’s purpose is studying of the transport organizational contracts, analysis of their evidence and formulationa definition of this law category. The author investigated the views of civil law scientists of this question. The analysis of organizational relationships was made, defined their place and values in the system of relationships. Also the author has provided the researching of organizational contracts, set their important features, which distinguish them from other civil contracts. The specific feature of organizational relationships is focus on anordering other civil legal relationships, which have a material nature. Participants of organizational relationships have two purposes:
an intermediate (a creation the grounds for the appearanceof material relationships) and a final (which can be an achievedwith property relations). Organizational contracts have specific functional and purposes focus – they define a procedure for entering into the property contracts, because they are a prerequisite for their making, or regulate the process of their executions. Organizational contracts are important in regulation of transport relationships, which are often long term by their nature. On the grounds of transport organization contracts other material contracts could be signed, and other legally significant action could be made. In the system of organizational transport contracts the most common are a navigation agreement, a contract of centralized transportation of goods, special contract trucking companies, a special contract concluded by carriers of civil aviation and clientele, a contract abiur submission of the vehicle for loading and presentation of cargo for shipment: booking- and note fixture-note, the agreement to submit the vehicle for loading and presentation of cargo for shipment: booking- and note fixture-note, contract of carriage of goods on special conditions. In the article the author proposed the definition of organizational transport contracts, set their features, held their distinguish from previous contracts, framework agreements, general agreements, protocols of intentions and agreements with open terms. The author suggests her own opinion concerning the legal nature of transport organizational contract. The author also researched the internal differentiation transport organizational contracts. The article deals with some types of transport organizational contract.