Civics in the Сontemporary Jurisprudence

The problem of the role and place of civil law in modern law was explored in the article. The relationships between private and public law has been revealed. Development tendencies of the administrative agreements, agreements in the criminal process are been determined. It’s been noted that these categories were previsously developed in the private law. Analogies are revealed while applying categories of private law institutions in various areas of law and legal relationships. The relationship of civil law and other areas of law related to private and public law has been studied. In particular, civil rights and environmental, administrative, criminal, criminal procedure, penal legislation. Indicated on the leading role of civil law in many private relationships. The influence of existing civil law institutes on land easements, contracts in family law, housing law, and economic legislation is determined. Proposed the thesis that civil law is central to the areas of private law. Other вranch of private law deriving often developed in civil law category, ownership and other property rights, contracts, obligations.