Civil Code of the Republic of Belarus: issues and directions of reform

The level of legal and technical perfection of civil legislation in a particular country is largely determined by specific historical tendencies and the problems of its functioning. Currently the main innovative dominant for the Republic of Belarus is the formation of an adequate system of reformed civil legislation. In turn, the Civil Code of the Republic of Belarus, of course, is a significant achievement of domestic civilists, both scientists and practitioners, and lawmakers. However, like any law, it raises some issues and difficulties in its application. Therefore, the main purpose of the paper is to reveal the features, issues and directions of reforming the Civil Code of the Republic of Belarus proceeding from the research of theoretical and empirical material, to determine the place of this codified statutory instrument in the national system of civil legislation. To achieve this purpose, dialectic, comparative law, historical-law, formal and dogmatic research methods were applied. It is established that in the provisions of the Civil Code of the Republic of Belarus there is a substitution of the definition and legal essence of the fundamental principle of the rule of law, which must be brought in line with the provisions of international law regulations. It is determined that the current code has a very consistent and organic architectonics, however, despite the progressive legal regulation in comparison with the CIS countries, it requires high-quality modernization, a review of some provisions and approaches to the interpretation of the conceptual and categorical framework in the context of today's realities. In the article, the author suggests improvement directions for the Civil Code of the Republic of Belarus (with consideration of the practice of applying civil legislation with the purpose of unifying the interpretation of provisions; consolidation of new civil law institutions; intensification of transborder cooperation in the field of civil law reform).