A plea deal and the requirements for its content

The work analyzes certain issues of making and considering a plea deal, the legal requirements of its content. Namely, in the article there are researched the requirements of the Civil Procedure Code of Ukraine concerning the range of criminal offenses (by severity) for which a plea deal can be made. There is offered to detail the order of making a plea deal so that it provides the protection of interests of a suspect, accused person (private one) and public prosecutor (public one). To make regulatory improvements of the reasons for postponing a plea deal presentation to the court, in the case there are obtained the evidence of a corruption crime committed by another person. There are considered the features of participation in a plea deal
of the juvenile suspect, accused person, his defense counsel, legal representative, interpreter. There is analyzed the content of the requirements for a plea deal content concerning the cooperation in exposing the criminal offense committed by another person and there is paid attention to the need to specify the obligation indicated in the plea deal. There are investigated the requirements for a plea deal, related to the consequences of the deal, its approval and its non-fulfillment. There is offered to specify not only the consequences in a deal, related to the appeal and cassation appeal against a sentence under the deal, the negation of the rights implementation which it could have at a trial in general manner, the non-fulfillment of the deal, but also those, that may negatively affect the position of the suspect, accused person in connection with the approval of the deal (making decision considering the evidence, the inability to be elected to the representative bodies, etc.).