Concluding an Employment Contract, Contrary to the Law Ukraine «On Prevention of Corruption», as a Stand Alone Grounds for termination of Employment Contract

In the article the entering into labor contract, contrary to the Law of Ukraine «On Prevention of Corruption» as an independent ground for termination of employment. «Ukraine is a sovereign, independent, democratic, social, legal state», – declared Art. 1 of
the Constitution of Ukraine, adopted June 28, 1996 Standing in the way of building legal state, our country faces numerous challenges. One of the most dangerous among them corruption – the use of legally prescribed categories of persons granted them authority or the related opportunities in order to obtain undue advantage or the adoption or acceptance of such a benefit promise / offer of such a benefit for himself or others or under promise / offer or provide undue advantage to these persons or their request to other natural or legal person to persuade these persons to unlawful use of authority granted to them or the associated opportunities. These negative social phenomenon penetrated almost all public relations and public authorities and local governments. Corruption is constantly mutates, develops, adapts to new conditions. There are new forms of its manifestations, there are more public relations, where they become the norm. In Ukraine relations arising in the area of revention of corruption governed by the Constitution of Ukraine, international treaties ratified by the Verkhovna Rada the Law «On Prevention of Corruption» and other laws and their implementation adopted at other legal acts. It is established that the essential features of termination on such basis as the entry into force of a court decision, according to which the employee liable for corruption offenses are: a) the presence of specific parties to the employment contract: freed persons – persons who have ceased
activities associated with the functions of the state or local government; Employers – legal entities of private law and natural persons – entrepreneurs; b) one year before the date of termination of government functions, people carried the power to control, supervision or training or decisions on the future of employers; c) the employment contract was concluded for one year from the date of termination of the person associated with the performance of government functions; g) exemption is made at the request of persons who are not party to the employment contract