Types of organized criminal associations in the criminal legislation of Ukraine and foreign countries

The article deals with the comparative legal study of certain general and special types of criminal associations, criminal liability for the creation and participation in which is established in the legislation of Ukraine and other countries. Based on the analysis of the recommendations on the criminalization of organized crime as expressed in the United Nations Convention against Transnational Organized Crime of November 15, 2000 and the Framework Decision of the Council of the EU on Combating Organized Crime of October 24, 2008, singled out the peculiarities of the implementation of the provisions of these international normative and legal acts in the national legal systems of different foreign countries. It is established that the notion of an organized group used in the criminal legislation of Ukraine can not be identified with organized groups or with criminal organizations mentioned in the aforementioned international legal acts. Instead, the concept of an organized group and a criminal organization mentioned in these documents can be compared only with a criminal organization criminalized in Part 4 of Art. 28 and Art. 255 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine.