Types of law-making powers of the Ukrainian people

The relevance of this problem is considered in the fact that in modern conditions of the state's process of developing a sovereign and independent, democratic, social, and legal state, the people's awareness of its place and role is one of vital aspects. The Ukrainian people's awareness of their rights and obligations, in this case law-making ones, will contribute to a real opportunity for the people to take part in the management of state affairs. Despite the fact that the problem of the powers of the Ukrainian people is extremely relevant at this stage of the Ukrainian history, it is understudied by Ukrainian researchers. Therefore, considering the above, this study is investigates such types of law-making powers of the Ukrainian people as the rights to: people's initiative, and within its framework – people's legislative initiative and people's referendum initiative; people's veto; people's survey, including regarding regulations; people's examination of regulations and draft regulations. The purpose of the present study is to consider theoretical material concerning the state of possibility of using the above-mentioned types of law-making powers of the Ukrainian people, as well as foreign practices in their implementation. The methodological framework of this study included an integrated approach, which involves a combination of numerous philosophical, general scientific, and special scientific methods. Based on the obtained conclusions and generalisations, the study aims to develop original proposals and recommendations for improving national legislation on this matter

Doi: 10.37635/jnalsu.28(3).2021.36-46